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Minaka's protein cubes are made without animal products and are highly nutritious. Minaka's protein cubes are made from tempeh, a fermented Indonesian soya bean that is considered a superfood and is a good source of plant protein, umami, B vitamins, fibre, minerals and isoflavones.
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A deeply layered flavour of koji-fermented soybeans provides a savoury umami taste.


A complex nutty taste made from red bean paste that creates a dessert-like sweet flavour.


An invigorating, grassy & vegetal flavour made from green tea leaves that provides a subtle sweetness and a hint of bitterness.

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I gave it a try and it was a hit! As a health trainer, I rarely come across such dietary food product that is both nutritious and appetizing. I love all the flavours and this is gonna be on my list of favourite snacks.
Mila K.

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Minaka's protein cube did not disappoint. Me and my family loved it not only because of its health benefits but also because it's a tasty snack that we can munch on any time of the day. We'll order some more!
John R.

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大野 南香/Minaka Ono
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MSc in Food Innovation and Health | UCPH
Bachelor of Health Sciences | UTokyo
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